Commercial Tile

Are you looking for a durable, economical, and low-maintenance product for your commercial building?

Look no further, because tile is forever. You can rely on commercial tile from KG Tile, LLC, to withstand heavy foot traffic and uphold the clean and professional look suited to your environment. Whether you are building or updating a public office, school, restaurant or retail environment, tile gets the job done and with style. With options for a natural, straight-from-the-earth look and feel, to industrial, to classic urban brick, your tile product can beautifully enhance any architectural style.

Quarry Tile is an unglazed tile product made of clay and shale that holds its natural red and brown hues. Perfect to use for flooring, walls, or outdoor patios, it creates a warm and inviting space that will draw people in. Your customers will feel comfortable and connected to the earth as they shop or dine, and you will have the added benefit of a low-maintenance, easy to clean floor.

Industrial Tile is the workhorse in the tile trade. Ultra-thick and resistant to wear and tear, this high-performance porcelain tile is perfect for an environment that accommodates extreme foot traffic and heavy loads. Manufacturing environments, car dealerships, airports, fitness centers, and others all benefit from this non-slip, easy to install material that will stand the test of time. And, with options in sizes and colors you can get the look you want.

We source Thin Brick and Floor Brick from Summitville, America’s leading floor brick manufacturer. Their thin brick is made from clays and shale chosen for purity and proven characteristics, a quality that lends itself to various installation options and methods. Precision sized and strong, Thin Brick and Floor Brick is a lasting choice for that classic, old town feel.

Call us or visit our showroom to consult with our experts about the wear ratings of our various products, to help select suitable tile for your specific need. At KG Tile, LLC, we are invested in your project and we want your business built for success.


Our commercial tile products and features include

  • Quarry tile
  • Industrial tile
  • Thin brick
  • Floor brick
  • Precision sizing