Bathroom Tile

Imagine the feeling of stepping into Tuscan bathhouse every time you enter your bathroom.

We can help to provide that feeling for your everyday life, when you turn your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary with tile products from KG Tile, LLC. For your bathroom interior from floor to ceiling, you cannot choose a better product than tile because it lasts, it is low-maintenance, and it looks great. Our durable tile products are available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, so that you can truly make this functional room in your home into a beautiful space where you can start your days refreshed and end your days relaxed. With tile there are few limitations to the looks you can create, so bring your ideas and your creativity to our showroom and you will see that our products speak for themselves.

The history of porcelain bathroom tile dates back to centuries BC. Indeed, there are beautiful ancient bathhouses still in existence, built with exquisitely laid tile that has lasted and held its beauty throughout the ages. Why not invite that rich history into your home? We source products from places in the world that mastered the tile craft during the days of emperors, and modern production methods can bring these products right into your home.

If you are choosing bathroom tile, know that all tile is beautiful, it lasts a lifetime and it is maintenance free. When people visit our 3,000 sq. ft. showroom in Baltimore County, we spend time with them to figure out what purpose and aesthetic they have in mind. Then, we help them put their vision into action within the budget that is right. From fine mosaics to pebble shower floors, if you can envision it, we can help to create it.

If you are in the tile trade, we don’t need to tell you about the virtues of tile, but we can help you find exactly the right product for your clients. Our clients are return clients, and when you install tile from KG Tile, LLC for your bathroom remodel, we dare say that your clients will be return clients too.

We source our materials primarily from places that are rich in tile history such as Italy and Spain, but we don’t stop there. We source from near and far to ensure that we can provide a high quality product to meet every budget.


Our Bathroom Tile Products and Features Include: